Using the Best Online Guitar Training Resources Go From Beginner to Seasoned Pro

Learning to play the guitar is like learning any subject at school. Too much is made of the mysterious and artistic side of learning to play musical instruments, and not enough concentration on the technical side. If you want to learn to play the guitar, you can. You don’t have to be some sort of genius. You just need the proper guidance. By making the most of online lessons, anyone can learn to play.

Private Lessons Are Expensive

For most people, private instruction for guitar isn’t practical. Private music lessons can be very expensive, and they invariably have to be scheduled to suit the teacher, not the student. If you’re learning to play, and want to learn faster, you’re stuck waiting for the next appointment for a lesson, and if you need additional time to work on a particular lick, you’re wasting your money by having a lesson before you’re ready to move forward.
Online guitar lessons solve all those problems. You can go at your own pace, any time of the day or night, and any day of the week. You won’t become bored because the teacher doesn’t like the same kind of music you want to learn. And you won’t feel like you’re wasting money because your lessons are going too fast – or too slowly.

How Online Training Sessions Work

There are many excellent guitar training resources available online. It’s important for people who want to learn how to play the guitar to have a certain amount of structure in their lessons, so they don’t waste a lot of time skipping around without learning the fundamentals that will make it possible to become a good player in the long run. If you try to teach yourself guitar without any guidance, you’re likely to lose your focus and get discouraged before you become a competent player.

Excellent websites like, or offer budding guitar players just as many easy and fun instructional videos as other video sites, but they’re not just a random assortment of licks and songs for you to learn. That’s important, because a good instructional website organizes their content into a curriculum that takes the beginner through the proper steps in the learning process at the proper stage of their education to keep the novice from getting bogged down or losing focus. With a coherent learning process in place, intermediate and advanced players can skip past the fundamental lessons to find challenging and useful lessons. Since some of the finest and most notable guitar players in the world offer instruction online, no matter how well you play, you can always improve your chops.

Here’s what to look for:

•    Fundamentals – It can be embarrassing for beginners to ask really simple but important questions when they’re just starting out. Guitar instructional websites offer the most basic information to beginners, like how to properly tune up, and even how to hold the guitar properly. You’ll learn how to read guitar tabs and chord diagrams, and how to choose and use equipment properly

•    Beginner Level Lessons for Newbies– After you learn your fundamentals, it’s time to actually start playing. Unlike a lot of school or music store instruction, you won’t have to play a lot of dreary scales over and over before you’re able to play something recognizable. Online instruction uses simplified versions of familiar songs to show you how to play barre chords and simple melodies that sound like something right away. Even though these lessons are for beginners, they’ll help you to understand how songs are put together, and how the fretboard of the guitar relates to the chords of songs. This is where your strumming and picking technique develops a firm foundation for the future.

•    Intermediate Levels – After you feel comfortable with how the guitar works, and simple chords and melodies, it’s time to move on to more in-depth instruction. Intermediate lessons introduce more rich and complex chord shapes and voicings that will turn your rudimentary rhythm playing into a more sophisticated counterpoint. Songs with much more chordal complexity are introduced, and the scales that allow you to solo over these progressions are covered in more detail. During intermediate lessons, you’ll become strong enough technically to play songs in multiple genres of music, and understand how one differs from another

•    Advanced Lessons – There is almost a limitless amount of potential to learn new chordal, tonal, and melodic information about the guitar. Even the greatest players in the world are always adding to their stock of riffs, tricks, and chord structures, and you can, too. Even if you’re already an accomplished player, there is excellent instruction available online at every level. Technically proficient guitar players can benefit from additional lesson to unlock the creative ideas that present themselves when you hear how other accomplished players approach the craft.

•    Master Classes – The best online guitar instruction websites attract some of the most famous and well-regarded players in the world to give you their insights into what they did that made them famous on stage or in demand in the studio. You can get the benefits of attending virtual meetups with the best players via the Internet any time of the day or night

Having private in-person instruction at a music store is like hiring a musical cab driver teaching you how to play the guitar. The minute you sit down, the meter is running, and you’ll always have the fear of running out of money and time before you reach your destination in the back of your mind.
Many online tutorials are available for free, and even highly structured lesson plans from some of the world’s finest guitar players and instructors are available at a nominal cost. No matter what kind of online instruction you choose, there’s never any time pressure, because you control when, and for how long you practice any particular portion of your instruction.

With web-based lessons, it’s as if you’re attending a school that has thousands of the finest guitar teachers in the world, all standing by 24/7 to give you a lesson in any kind of music you want to learn.


•    Learn anytime, anywhere
•    Many lessons are free, with more in-depth lessons available at a fraction of the cost of private instruction
•    Go at your own pace
•    Learn from the best players in the world
•    Tailor your lessons to the kind of music you want to play
•    No time pressure with video instruction
•    Multiple camera angles on instructors lets you see right and left hand techniques
•    Learning progress isn’t interrupted if you travel
•    You can interact with other guitar students and your teachers on forums and message boards
•    Lessons can come with chord charts, tablature, photographs, and video to make even complex techniques clear and easy to follow


•    Unlike private lessons, it’s not possible to ask a video direct questions
•    Depending on your computer hardware or smartphone or tablet capabilities, it can be hard to hear the lessons clearly
•    You need to be a self-starter to stick with your instruction

Guitar Teachers Don’t Have a Rewind Button

When you get guitar or bass lessons online, there are many advantages to the process that just aren’t possible with even the finest private lessons. When you’re trying to learn an interesting lick or a complex chord progression, you might need to see the sequence of notes or chords many times before you understand it properly. It’s not practical to ask a teacher to play the same thing over and over again until you understand it, and if you do, you’re likely to end up paying for a very expensive lesson that covers only one topic. With online lessons, you can pause and rewind as many times as necessary in order to comfortably understand and play whatever you’re trying to learn. There’s no fear of your time running out before you’re ready to move on.

You Can Stop Reinventing The Wheel

Professional musicians know the benefit of online instruction. In the not-too-distant past, a guitar player that needed to learn a song to perform had to listen to a recording of it over and over again while trying to figure out exactly what the guitar player was doing. Now anyone performing at any level can go online and find out exactly what was played by any guitar player on almost any popular recording, without wasting a lot of time, money, or effort.

Take Performance Anxiety Out of the Equation

Most people are nervous about speaking or performing in front of other people. This anxiety can lead to de-motivation of students that have to sit in front of a music teacher with the equivalent of a stopwatch timing their efforts. Even an audience of one can be terrifying to a beginner, and knowing that the teacher can play really well makes it natural to feel they’re judging you while you try to play last week’s lesson for them. Online instruction removes the natural nervousness we all feel when we’re trying to learn something, and lets you go at your own pace without feeling self-conscious about it. Older students who want to pick up the guitar again after a long layoff from lessons won’t feel silly going to a music teacher that normally instructs grade-schoolers, either. Online guitar lessons are for everyone.

On the opposite side, if you’re a fast learner, or simply have more time to devote to your studies than others do, online training can let you go as fast as want to. With thousands of lessons available at the touch of a button, you’ll never run out of things to learn.

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